About one month ago, I completed a self-produced lifestyle shoot that I’d been thinking about for while–a boy flying a toy airplane. As soon as it started to warm up outside I put my plans into motion. My first step was to secure a location. I was lucky enough to meet a generous couple through a Wall Street Journal assignment with an amazing property in Virginia who allowed us to photograph at their home.  My next step was to locate talent. I submitted a casting call for a young male actor though The Actors’ Center in D.C. and was quickly connected to a boy, Ethan, who looked to be a great fit. Finally, I needed the toy airplane. I really wanted it to be an old-school rubber-powered model airplane but the catch was that I would have to build it myself. Which I did. Over four days. Maybe not the best time investment, but I’m glad I did it.


The day was cloudy, which was mostly helpful because we didn’t need any reflectors or lights, but I did need to drop in a sky in post. That’s fellow photographer, Chris Flynn, helping out. He rocks.



This sky is from a shoot in Austin, TX.

Here’s the final image.


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